Solution for users device
To provide portable charging stations and interactive advertisement screens.


  • Allowing consumers to continue using the equipments
  • Less stress for consumers on the go
  • Ideal for tables in restaurants, bars, parties and events
  • Portable
  • Uninterruptible internal battery for up to 8h
  • Charges up to 4 devices at once.
  • Allowing consumers to see your product many times
  • Visual attractive media
  • Management of the media at distance and in real time
  • Influence consumers decision.


A NEW tool to help the establishment offer better service!

The competition is big and everyone are looking for a place that’s offers good service, food, drink and fun atmosphere and also elements that help the consumers to keep up with the day connected.

Bars and Restaurants

Make your visitors and exhibitors happy, and have an opportunity to make more money at your event.

In events such as fairs and congresses, it is essential to stay connected to everything that happens around, take photos, publicize, make contacts, etc... The organizers now can easily make the event even better, just equip your event with 4ViewCharger.

Bars and Restaurants

A NEW equipment to impress your guests.

A party has to be unforgettable. To surpass expectations, nothing better than good surprises: remember good times, relive beautiful emotions. Photographs and videos bring the best events from the past to the present and allow them to be shared with the people we love.

Bars and Restaurants

Advertise with us

Advertise with us is to put your brand into a morable and fun experience for the public and your company will guarantee the certainty of reaching the table and in the hands of customers in the best restaurants in Canada, which have high monthly flows, bringing visibility of your brand to more consumers and have access to an online platform to update and monitor their media.

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